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A Few "Housekeeping" Notes

Geographical Considerations

I will absolutely travel to you anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia/NZ! I speak fluent Spanish, and love to put that into practice!


That said, at the moment, many of my clients are on the West Coast of the US, Florida, Australia and Spain/Portugal. So, the more advance notice you can give me, the better chance I'll be able to accommodate you . . . planning 4 - 6 months out is ideal.  But it's always worth asking . . . sometimes I have gaps in my schedule that I'd love to fill!  For those sits where I need to fly, a week's minimum sit is required. For out-of-the-county assignments, I'll gladly sit for two weeks or more.  


Once I commit to a sit in an area, I immediately look to "sandwich" it with others that are relatively close - I've found that works well for both of us and allows me to be more flexible.  So, if you have neighbors/friends nearby, I'm happy and grateful for the referrals!

I typically do not ask for a travel stipend, but some of my long-term clients do kindly offer to defer some portion of flight expenses on occasion.

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For our mutual safety and assurance, I will ask that we conduct a Zoom call when discussing particulars of your sit.  I find it is a great way for us to  introduce ourselves and any pets. 



I arrange my travel and sit schedules, and you, your vacation schedule, relying on our agreed upon plans.  I've found the following to be  mutually beneficial:

*  20% non-refundable deposit upon agreement;

*  another 50% upon my arrival;

*  and remaining 30% upon completion of the sit.

In the event you are delayed by a day or more, per-day rates will apply, along with fees to cover any necessary flight or other alternations on my part.

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Good Faith

One of the reasons I love home sitting, is that I have met the nicest people. I always operate in good faith, and assume others do as well.  It's what makes the world go round!  I've never had to cancel a pre-arranged sit, but in the very unlikely event that would happen, I would refund your deposit and vigorously attempt to find a quality replacement for you.  I have a wealth of wonderful, smart and caring friends, who sometimes tell me "I want your life!" ... such an instance would be their chance!!



Generally, the sits unfold as so:

*"Get-Acquainted" visit or Zoom Call to chat, "meet" pets, and establish beginning/end dates/timing and particulars;

*Send and return of Price Quote, to secure dates on our calendars;

*Forward my "Information Sheet" for you to complete, with pet and home preferences and particulars to leave as a reference;

*Confirmation and Update calls/texts at least two weeks out and more frequently as needed;

*Day of . . . either an in-person hand-off or arrangements for entry..

*I send texts/photos of pets during my stay to keep you updated and confident they are being well cared for!  I welcome check-ins from you as well,  but if you simply want to relax and enjoy your time away, I've got you covered!

*Debrief calls/texts prior to leaving to ensure a safe/smooth transition back . . especially in case of potential plane delays!


NOTE:  I will not leave a sit with pets until it is a sure thing that you or someone else will be there to relieve me..

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