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Primary Pet Care: Add-On to Homesit

Loving, competent care for your treasured sweeties in your home, so they can remain in their familiar surroundings while you travel!

I love long walks, hikes, playtime at the beach or park with active pups;  cuddling with dogs and cats (on their own terms, of course!), and catering to the individual personalities and needs of each furry friend!

In addition to lots of attention, I consider basic care to include two feedings, two 30-minute (minimum) walks per day for dogs, a brushing at least every third day, and daily litter box cleaning / yard poop-scooping.

 If your pet(s) have special or additional needs, please consider

my Customized Care option.

Note:  If there is more than one dog who needs to be walked, and they cannot be walked together for some reason, then one pet will be considered "Custom".   

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